#71 From Hiding to Running a Real Business with Sarah Warman

#71 From Hiding to Running a Real Business with Sarah Warman

Earlier this year, Sarah Warman was in business ‘hibernation’.

Her clients loved her. But she was avoiding being seen. Struggling to promote herself. And she knew how she talked about her work wasn’t showcasing the depth she offered.

Working together, we started with clarity on what her clients come to her for and how to talk about it… Then layered on positioning her offering for mega perceived value… Then layered on stepping out and visibility.

Listen in to our convo to hear how getting clear on her niche, creating and offering packages, and leading her first workshop took her from hiding to running a “real business”.


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How she overcame the struggle to promote herself and structure her business the way an Alexander TechniTeacher “should”
  • What she said to get excited yeses when switching from working with clients session-by-session to offering a 3-month package
  • Why stepping into leading her first workshop was a transformational exercise in being seen
  • The most important thing she did to promote her first workshop

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P.S. The podcast is taking a holiday break and will be back in January. (And I’ve got some GOODIES planned for ya.)

Hi! I’M ADRIA DECORTE, M.S., Clarity Coach

Drawing on my experience as a TEDx speaker and my architecture background, I help women coaches get clear on what they really do and communicate it so their ideal clients know why they need them and are excited to pay them.


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Hi! I’M ADRIA DECORTE, M.S., Message Clarity Coach, Copywriter, and TEDx Speaker. I get lit up hosting the Unforgettable Podcast and leading Messenger Masterminds where I help women leaders tap into the message that moves them then clearly & courageously share it so they can call in their people and their next level of impact. On a personal note, I'm also a vanlifer who vlogs my adventures over at "The Dobervan" on YouTube!