#125 Navigating Vulnerability Hangovers

#125 Navigating Vulnerability Hangovers

Ever pushed publish on something personal, controversial, or that offers your service… then felt queasy in your stomach, wished you could take it back, and had it consume your thoughts for the rest of the morning?

Even though your logical brain tries to tell you it’s no big deal, that doesn’t stop the flood of thoughts.

>>> I’m too much. Nobody cares. Everyone thinks I’m silly. (Or at least those are the thoughts I have.)

That, my dear ones, is a vulnerability hangover.

It triggers this inner evolutionary part of yourself that feels like this small act could get you kicked out of the safety of the tribe, out into the desert to wander until you die of thirst.

We worry vulnerability hangovers are a sign we’ve done something wrong.

But the problem with that thinking is that then the next time when you’re ready to post something, you remember that feeling and think twice.

Maybe it’s not worth sharing. Maybe I should just share an inspirational quote everyone will like.

In episode 125, I address the most common vulnerability hangovers I see in myself and in the women in my masterminds, what you can do to move through them, and why they might actually be something to aim for.

Listen in.  

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Hi! I’M ADRIA DECORTE, M.S., Message Clarity Coach

Drawing on my experience as a TEDx speaker and my architecture background, I help women coaches uncover the marketing message that lights them up AND communicates the value in their work so they can reach more people, scale their business, and start a movement.


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Hi! I’M ADRIA DECORTE, M.S., Message Clarity Coach, Copywriter, and TEDx Speaker. I get lit up hosting the Unforgettable Podcast and leading Messenger Masterminds where I help women leaders tap into the message that moves them then clearly & courageously share it so they can call in their people and their next level of impact. On a personal note, I'm also a vanlifer who vlogs my adventures over at "The Dobervan" on YouTube!