New Mexico and Santa Fe Photolog: My Healthy Road Trip Days 3-4

New Mexico and Santa Fe Photolog: My Healthy Road Trip Days 3-4

Here’s days 3-4 of my 6-week North American road trip. I’ll show you some Santa Fe scenery and how I stayed healthy in New Mexico. This is a quick one. See days 1-3 in Arizona.

4. NM Santa Fe drive
Heading to Santa Fe. We get a silly kick out of seeing Las Vegas, New Mexico on the sign. Didn’t have time to check it out on this trip.
Road trip lunch to go romaine grapes banana
Here’s an easy meal for the road. Grapes, bananas, and romaine are very car-friendly. You can easily eat them while you are driving.
Love the adobe building style of Santa Fe. Look at the beautiful houses tucked into the hillside.
4. NM Santa Fe hostel entrance
The Santa Fe International Hostel where we stayed. Got a bare bones private room with a shared bathroom and a little chore work for $35 a night in a town where the average room costs upwards of $100. We were planning to camp so didn’t need many amenities!
5. NM Santa Fe hostel kitchen
The communal kitchen, my favorite part of the hostel. Spent some time cooking and preparing yummy salads here.
4. NM Santa Fe hostel kitchen free food
The hostel kitchen had a huge section of free food that was donated at the end of each day by Whole Foods. The hostel’s non-profit status makes this possible; they donate extras to local shelters.
4. NM Santa Fe hostel salad
My salad using up some of our leftovers – greens mix, corn, lentils, and half a “free” can of roasted tomatoes with a little hot sauce. Eating well and satisfied.
4. NM Santa Fe adobe flowers
Typical wildflowers and adobe combo in Santa Fe. For fitness, we walked from our hostel downtown and did some window shopping.
5. NM Earthship Biotecture 2
We found this heading north out of Taos, NM towards our next stop in Colorado. Sustainable, off-the-grid living in the middle of nowhere.
5. NM Earthship Biotecture 1
Cool, huh? Check it out online at

Next stop Colorado! I’ll share how the outdoorsy atmosphere made it easy to stay active, how I made an easy fruit breakfast while camping, and my favorite vegan restaurant in Fort Collins.

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