Resources that Feed Your Hustle

Here’s my list of favorite kitchen tools, nutrition resources, cookbooks, workout dvds and classes, and more. Save some of that research time and use it to make yourself a healthy meal!

Making Healthy Meals On The Go

Whether traveling or making lunch at work, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from having the healthiest meal possible. Here are some items I kept in the office break-room and then brought with me on my 2-month Healthy North American Road Trip.

5-Quart Squish bowl – Popup salad bowl – I used to keep it in the office break room to be pulled out every day when I made my lunch salad. I bring it when I travel so that I can always eat a giant salad every day, no excuses!

2-Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Box – We have two of these plus a 3-tier one. They are very valuable for packing meals to go, especially when you’ve got a few courses such as salad and cooked sweet potato. They don’t do very well with liquid, though so don’t get them for soup or it might leak.

Tomodachi Chef’s Knife with Sheath – One of the most important tools to travel with or keep at the office. For making salads and cutting up fruit. The sheath is great for protecting the blade and storing all neat and tidy. I’ve used this one a lot.

Bamboo utensil set – I take these with me whenever I travel, even if I’m just out of the house on the move for the day. They are easy to put in a purse and forget about. Great for being “green” and bringing your own utensils, like when I was at the Toronto VegFest.

Collapsible Salad Bowl with Lid – 72 oz so fits a full salad. Aladdin also has some other, smaller plastic collapsible containers on the market. I use this one on those days I need to make a salad ahead of time and bring with me.

Stainless Steel Container, Set of 3 Nesting Bowls – these ones are pretty leak-proof though I would still be cautious with soup. I have this Kids Konserve nesting set which has a 16-oz, 8-oz, and 5-oz. These are good cooked food sizes. I sometimes bring these with me when I go to a non-vegan-friendly restaurant and bring some of my own veggies or beans to add to my meal. They also work great to take home your leftovers in and avoid styrofoam!

Kitchen Tools

First read this article: My 5 Go-To Kitchen Tools for Healthy, Plant-based Meals

Vitamix Aff_Banner_AD_300x250

Vitamix – the #1 blender for making the green smoothies, banana ice cream, and wrap fillings. Produces an amazing creamy texture. I really wouldn’t want to live without mine. I’ve even brought it with me on my 2-month North American Road Trip and subsequent trips. If you purchase through this affiliate link, you’ll get free shipping on your Vitamix.  Check out the Refurbished models first, as that is how I bought my first one.  Saves some money and you still get a great machine.  Also check out the new S30 model, with a slim design, pretty sleek.


Tribest Personal Blender – Great blender for starting out with before getting the Vitamix – I had this for a year before making the jump. I still love it to death – enough that I purchased new one when my motor finally gave out after a few years of hard use. Easy clean up and perfect for travel. For salad dressings, sauces, smaller smoothies (16 oz).

Saladacco Spiral Slicer – same entry level spiralizer that I own. An extraneous gadget but inexpensive enough that it’s worth having around to easily make raw zucchini pasta in 2 minutes. Made of plastic, but sturdy enough for the price. Learn how to use it to create zucchini pasta or get my raw spaghetti marinara recipe.

Wusthof Grand Prix II Chef’s Knife – the knife I currently use and have been happy with. I purchased it a few years back on a recommendation from Colleen Patrick Goudreau, The Compassionate Cook. A quality knife from a reputable manufacturer might run you over $100, but it is really the only knife you need on a raw or plant-based diet.

Knife Sharpener – because dull knives are more likely to slip. You can use a simple metal sharpening steel, sharpening stone, or a more expensive electric sharpener.  I opt for the combo of inexpensive and easy and use a manual sharpener that I can just slide my knives through without having to worry about the correct angle.

Bamboo Cutting Board – a full-sized wood board is best for its antimicrobial nature and keeping your knives sharp.

Browse Knife Storage (e.g. wood block, in-drawer block, magnetic holder) – I don’t have a recommendation because I don’t like the one I’m using. Whatever you do, don’t just stick your knifes loose in a drawer. That’s a fast way to dull them and mess them up.

Extras for a Healthy Body

Ovega 3 – My choice for getting my extra Omega 3 DHA and EPA, animal-free. FYI, I refrigerate mine to make sure they stay fresh since they are still an oil that can go rancid.


Water Bottle Pump

Dolphin Water Pump

Dolphin Water Pump –  I ordered one for my house in which I pickup Reverse Osmosis water from the store in 5 gallon bottles rather than buying bottled water in non-bpa containers. Also keeps the cost down of purchasing your own filtration system at home and filters maintenance.

Las Vegas Local or Visiting?

Head over to my Las Vegas Healthy Living Resources page for links to local businesses that will make your life easier. Meetup groups, local produce, a list of plant-based restaurants, and more!



The Joy of Less

It’s amazing at how happy we can be when we start eliminating the things from our lives that are unnecessary.  Having more of something is not always better.  This is a great book for those of you who feel overwhelmed by the things that are owning you.  The large wardrobe that keeps growing but doesn’t satisfy you. The doodads in your life that keep accumulating but don’t really mean anything to you.  This book will help with finding new habits to deal with your stuff.


better world guide

Better World Guide

Every dollar you spend benefits someone.  So why not make your dollars matter by focusing on supporting the things that mean the most to you?  Assist the companies you believe in by giving them your dollars.  This shopping guide will point out the companies that are striving to do great things in the world, and point out those that are not contributing much at all, except to profit.  The choice is yours and I believe that every dollar is a vote for what you believe in.



The Female Body Breakthrough

A book by Rachel Cosgrove, that discusses what women need to do to get the results they want for their body.  I find this book to be very pivotal for custom designing my workouts at the gym to make sure that I tone each muscle group independently.  Leave no muscle behind. I recommend checking this book out if you want to learn how to strength train on your own at the gym.


This is a great way to get some of the benefits of a group class on the cheap. I used to do my exercise with workout dvds a lot. It helps to have several so that you can mix it up and prevent boredom. Now I use these as backups when I know I’ll miss my regular workouts. Here are some of my favorites. I’m a big fan of Jillian Michaels’ style.

Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

This was the first dvd I purchased and remains my favorite. Just one 45 minute workout which blends high intensity intervals with some strength. A great full workout and I feel awesome by the end.

Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred

20 minute workout with 3 levels. I do this when I’m short on time but want to get an intense workout in. When it’s this short, every minute counts. If you follow the program, you do this every day for a month, and she promises you results. I believe it.

Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This is great for diversity because it has a matrix where you can create any number of different workouts by adding pieces together. Also has a bunch of pre-created routines of various lengths. My favorites are the seven 20-minute series (one for every day of the week).


MTV Power Yoga with Kristen McGee

My go-to yoga dvd, a 50 minute moving yoga series that works up some heat. It includes 5-minute of Pilates at the end which I usually do to finish off my core.

Rodney Yee’s AM PM Yoga

This is a great yoga video for the evening and morning.  A different routine for each time of the day that will keep you energized all day long and wind you down for a good night’s sleep.

Urban Rebounder Trampoline

I love my trampoline. When I am not using it, I put my dog’s bed on it and he loves laying on it elevated off the floor by the window.


Jade Yoga Mat

The yoga mat I have been using for years.  Made of more sustainable materials than traditional yoga mats. You can choose your color, length and thickness of the mat.

Les Mills BodyPump – One hour class which works your entire body. It’s high rep so you have to go down on your weight a little to make it through an entire 5-minute song. I’ve been doing this off and on for 5 years, and I’ve seen great results in muscle definition and have steadily increased my weight over time.