You’ve evolved. Now you need your messaging to evolve to take your business to the next level.

  • If you feel like you’re saying the right marketing things and your dream clients still aren’t resonating…
  • If you’re wanting to attract aligned clients by being more of yourself…
  • If you’re not putting yourself out there as much as you used to because you’re not sure exactly what to say…

You’re in the right place. It’s time to realign, refine, and define your next level messaging.

Because aligned messaging calls in your people. And your next level of impact.

There are a few ways to get my messaging support:


This 90-day intimate sisterhood of women coaches blends personalized coaching, intuitive workshops, and masterminding to align your message, free your voice, connect with who you want to move, and infuse your deeper mission into your business. Only 5 spots.

Direct feedback from me. Community with other ambitious, like-minded women who are mission-driven. Clear, loving reflection from everyone in the group around how your messaging is landing.

No more sitting alone behind your laptop trying to figure it out. No more aha moments only to feel lost and unclear a day later. No more putting yourself out there and feeling wobbly, confused, and having it fall flat.

Enrolling May, 2019.



Message Clarity + About Page + Bio

This done-for-you package combines:

  1. CLARITY pulling to the surface what’s inside of you
  2. MESSAGING  – opening the channel for your words & capturing them
  3. COPYWRITING – shaping those words into aligned copy

Whether you’re creating your website or you want to make sure your messaging is communicating the true value of what you do, we’ll clarify the narrative of your work and your place in it so you can finally feel grounded in sharing your message, and your people start connecting with you, really hearing you.

Who this is for:

  • You have a strong sense for the nature of your work
  • You know why your work matters to you
  • You know who your work is for
  • You want a clear narrative to support your work (from your personal story to the people you serve to the impact of the work)

Who it’s not for:

  • You’re choosing between 5 niches
  • You’ve never had any clients
  • You’re not even sure you want to be doing your work
  • You have no idea who you want to serve

What you get:

  • Private 1-Hour Message Clarity Session ($500 value)
  • Written About Page Copy ($1000 value)
  • Written Professional Bio Copy ($500 value)

How it works: We start with written qs and a private session, using my signature process to tap into and channel your message & voice. Come ready to talk about your work, who you serve, and existing messaging. Then I create the first draft of your About Page and Bio copy, weaving together your personal story, your people, and the impact of your work. Then we make necessary tweaks so that the result feels beautifully aligned and you.

Introductory rate: $900.

Interested? Let’s chat to see if we’re a fit.



Problem: no one cares when I talk about what I do.

In this mini-course, you’ll go from rambling to converting by learning how to talk about what you do in language that makes your potential clients excited to work with you. Say goodbye to awkward 10-minute monologues of what you do whenever you meet someone.