Ready to make healthy living part of your business plan?

Your meals are a dash to the kitchen, you can’t remember the last time you worked out, and your “morning routine” is falling out of bed and grabbing the laptop to start work.

How’s that working for you?

I’m guessing it’s starting to catch up with you, to feel draining.

Up until now, you’ve prioritized your business, the work you do for others. There’s no time left over for you.

I get it. When you’ve got an overflowing to-do list and you’re hard at work on projects, it’s easy to ditch workouts and grab takeout that doesn’t feed your hustle.

But listen up.

You are your business’ biggest asset OR it’s biggest liability.

The best way to prevent that liability is through healthy choices NOW.

Ever noticed how you can work longer hours when you get a full 8 hours sleep, or how you’re renewed after a 20-minute walk break, or how the afternoon slump never hits when you eat a particularly “healthy” lunch? (If not, uh-oh. Try one of these things asap.)

What if you could bring this energy and clarity to your work every day? (Or most days – hey, I’m not a magician!)

What could you get done? And, more importantly, how much energy would you have left over for the other things that matter?

You outsource graphic design and marketing. You hire someone to clean your house and mow your lawn.

Why don’t you have someone helping you take care of your biggest asset – you?

This isn’t easy, and it’s not all in your head. It’s a REAL problem. And you don’t have time for trial-and-error and sifting through mountains of content online.

If you could do this on your own, you would have by now.

I can help. Call me your personal Healthy Living Strategist.

You know how it’s so easy to make a New Year’s Resolution, to say you’re going to implement a healthy habit? And then two weeks later, you’re wrapped up in a project and all that’s left of that resolution is the guilt that you failed?

Adria DeCorte Healthy Living Strategist web

I’m your secret weapon to make those healthy habits stick.

I know firsthand it can be overwhelming. If you’d like extra support taking that next step, sign up for a call with me so we can connect and explore the possibility of working together. 

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Add me to your team to help you navigate. Take advantage of my expertise and experience while you implement time-saving micro-strategies, customized to your needs & goals.

The end result?

You know exactly what to do and eat through done-for-you instructions so you can focus on your business. And you receive support and accountability to keep you on track and lead to success.


nina-radetich-headshot“It’s no coincidence that my new energy level (thanks to Adria) led to two very powerful conversations with potential clients today.”

– Nina Radetich, Social Media Strategist, Trainer, Speaker


Your brand message is unique and so are you. This work is meant for personalized guidance.

This is for you if:

  • You’re fully-booked and need energy to show up 100% for clients 

  • You have zero prep time and struggle to get the nourishment you need

  • You dread dragging through another exhausting launch 

  • Your business depends on creative inspiration every day and you can’t afford to be foggy

  • You’re ready to get more visible (speaking and photo-shoots!) but don’t feel comfortable in your body

The only decision you have to make is if you’re ready for something to shift in your business and life.


“Adria TOTALLY understands the crazy, frantic energy that a lot of female entrepreneurs exist in.

Alexia vernonI’m super impressed both by the simplicity of the process and the specificity of the recommendations for me. She did an AMAZING job of planning EXACTLY according to my needs and, just as importantly, tastes.”

– Alexia Vernon, Women’s Public Speaking and Leadership Expert

Introducing… Your Feed Your Hustle Strategy

What’s it look like?

The Feed Your Hustle sessions are part strategy, part coaching, designed to get you finally implementing healthy habits that have been lurking in the back of your mind forever.

We’ll establish a foundation with a customized meal plan and shopping list with guidance specifically tailored to you. Then we’ll build on that foundation with self-care practices and a customized movement program to get you living healthy with ease. Throughout, we’ll incorporate time management and how to implement all this into YOUR BUSINESS.

What would it mean for your lifestyle and business if you could:

  • Increase productivity through habits that clear up your thinking, prevent the afternoon slump, and boost energy
  • Integrate healthy habits so that you can maintain them during busy weeks, including your next launch
  • Finally feel better in your body and ready to get more visible and grow your business


“The impact it had on how I felt during one of the most stressful weeks of my entire year was HUGE.

Alex BeadonIn the second week of this intense launch, I got Adria’s meal plan. The biggest difference that I experienced was a surge of energy, especially nearing the end of my days.

It’s changed the way that I deal with food. Before, it was always this huge task, and now it’s a lot more natural to me.”

– Alex Beadon, Marketing Coach


During our 60 days together, you will:

  • Implement a stress-free meal plan and eating strategy customized to you for more energy
  • Keep energy from stagnating when sitting at your computer all day by effortlessly incorporating movement
  • Incorporate self-care practices that make you feel recharged at the beginning of the workday & prevent future burnout
  • Learn skills that save you time while simplifying kitchen time so take-out is no longer necessary
  • Get 1-1 support and accountability, highly customized to YOU and your business goals


kelly bennett headshot 12.14“Simple tips to make a big impact.

I’d recommend Adria to my clients who are manifesting more media and going bigger in their careers and want to feel comfortable in their bodies.

Now, I walk every day as my morning ritual, lost some pounds, feel better in my body, and am excited to love my body even more!”

– Kelly Bennett, designer, collaborator & mentor


What you receive:

  • Week 1: A Deep-Dive Session where we peel back the surface of your life and business and determine your energy needs, eating style, and major feed your hustle challenges
  • Week 2: Feed Your Hustle Meal Plan with personalized guidance for you based on our deep-dive
  • Weeks 3-8: Three One-on-One Healthy Living Strategy Sessions, every other week with an implementation week in between because I know you’re busy 
  • 60 Days with Your Own Personal Healthy Living Strategist just an email away for support, and I’ll also touch base in between sessions to keep your momentum going
  • My Brain on Your Work-Life Balance including in depth analysis of your lifestyle and unique needs and customized guidance for meals, movement, and self-care specifically for you

I’m so excited for you. Doing this work is what it takes to keep hustling but finally feel like you’re living your life.

Your Healthy Living Strategist,
Adria signature


Your Investment: $697

Book a call with me now so we can connect and explore the possibility of working together.

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“A system to manage my entrepreneurial energy and consistently replenish the creativity and joy in my work.

stef frankAdria’s philosophies about food and energy set her apart. I’d recommend Adria to any busy woman entrepreneur, lawyer, or executive who struggles with eating or energy levels.

She cares deeply and is an expert with years of experience in plant science. Plus, her process is so personalized and straightforward.”

– Stefanie Frank, Online Content Writer, TEDx Speaker, Triathlete


Answers to your burning questions:

I’m busy. Will implementing take a lot of time?

The goal of our work together is to integrate healthy habits – movement, eating, break time, play – into your workweek with ease. These habits have the power to increase your energy levels, boost your mood, prevent the afternoon and mid-morning slumps, and clear up your thinking.

Our work together is geared towards helping you be more productive when you’re working and recharge fully when you’re off. You may actually gain time.

The meal plan is simply a tool to help you incorporate more plant-powered meals in your life and is a guide rather than a homework assignment. I’m all about making life simple, getting in and out of the kitchen fast. Most of the recipes don’t take more than 10-20 minutes and the ingredients are easy to find. They have minimal ingredients and are incredibly flexible and forgiving. The meal plan also teaches you my style of re-purposing recipes and turning leftovers into fresh meals. 

I take care of my family. Is this service for mompreneurs?

The focus of our work together is YOU because you are my priority (and you probably don’t get taken care of enough in your life!) That being said, feeding your hustle when you’re a mom AND a business owner is the ultimate challenge that we will work through together.

I don’t eat a plant-based diet. Is working with you still for me?

Remember, when we work together, we go into so much more than simply food. That being said…

I may eat 100% plant-based, but most of my clients don’t – I LOVE working with omnivores to incorporate more yummy plant foods into their current eating habits. It’s my (and my clients’) experience that eating a diet rich in whole plant foods (veggies!) brings a steady hum of power and a shot of energy, clarity, and focus. 

While I meet every client where she is at, this isn’t for you if you don’t agree that whole plant foods are the foundation of a healthy diet.